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Horse training

The Kat Black Equine Training program is currently full with the exception’s only made in consideration of current students who have their own horses, or have recently purchased their first horse.

Training Services Offered

  • Ground Work/Ground Manners.
  • Teaching the horse to load on a trailer.
  • Teaching the horse to accept a bit and a saddle.
  • Backing a horse/Starting it under saddle.
  • Teaching a horse to accept the bit/carry itself properly under saddle.
  • Desensitizing on the ground and under saddle to prepare for the trail, and eventually introducing them to the trail and building confidence on trail rides.
  • Starting a horse over fences/Helping a horse gain confidence over fences.

When training horses we use both positive and negative reinforcement methods. For those unfamiliar, “negative reinforcement” is the adding/removing of pressure for the horse, more commonly referred to as an ask/give type method. Positive reinforcement or R+ training is something we are adding in to our program slowly as we learn more about these methods and have seen other trainers have great success with them. We do not use forceful or abusive training methods. We will gladly allow you to observe our trainings and would be happy to provide video of training sessions for you if requested, and we will provide video updates on the horse’s training progress OR in person updates if you prefer.

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