Common answers to your questions

Do you require students to provide their own helmets and riding gear?

Yes. We do this for safety reasons and for health concerns. Shared helmets can be contaminated with things like lice and bacteria which could cause a health concern for students. Shared helmets also are not generally fitted well to a student’s head, and could pose a safety risk. Additionally, after every fall a helmet is supposed to be replaced. While falls are relatively infrequent, this is still an expense we choose not to take on in order to try to keep our lesson prices as affordable as possible for our students.

Do you offer lesson packages to give as gifts?

We can do pre-paid bundles of lessons as our schedule will allow for it, however if we do this it is a nonrefundable item and will typically have a 60 day expiration so that it is easier for us to keep track of. Please reach out to discuss and schedule if this is something you’re looking for. We will generally ask at the time of purchase if you know whether or not the person would continue lessons with us after the last paid lesson, so that we can update our website accordingly to refill the spot if they would not wish to continue.

Do you require students to go to horse shows?

We do not require students to go to horse shows. We focus on horsemanship, safe riding, and fun first and foremost, and will offer show opportunities to those who have an interest in it. Horse shows are an additional expense on top of lessons. If students wish to show they will pay a coaching/hauling fee and pay for their own class entry fees. We do not allow our horses to leave our property without the owner and follow basic health and safety guidelines to protect our horses from any illness at horse shows.

What if I don’t want to be a serious horse rider?

All of our students move at their own pace and we set realistic goals for each individual. We’re extremely laid back here, so if your only goal is to learn how to ride well enough to ride comfortably walk/trot/canter, we will help you with that! If your goal is to excel in jumping, trail, or even showing, we will work hard to make that happen for you too!  Her true passion is teaching her students proper riding and helping the horses reach their true potential in whichever discipline they choose to ride in.

What if I just want to try out horse riding?

New students start off in a two to three lesson trial period, where the lesson fee is due at the lesson. If the new student decides to continue and pick a permanent spot on our schedule, we will then switch you to our monthly payment plan. A full list of our policies and information can be provided upon request. 

Do you offer horse camps?

At this time we do not offer summer horse camps but may be changing that for the 2023 season, please contact us if you would like this for your kid(s) and we will add you to our camp contact list.

Do you offer group horse riding lessons?

In the KBE program lessons are all private instruction. We do not offer group lessons except in special circumstances (such as weather issues that would require us to move lessons around for safety reasons), and always confirm with our students before switching from private to group lessons. We have an outdoor riding ring which we utilize for our lessons as long as weather permits. In the event of inclement weather, we will typically switch to an unmounted horsemanship lesson or reschedule as needed.

Do you have any horses for lease?

We do offer some of our horses for lease periodically. If we do not offer any horses for lease at the time time of inquiry by a student of ours, we will gladly assist you in finding a horse local to this area, or a horse that could be moved closer to this area for you to lease.

Do you still give lessons when it’s raining?

We have an outdoor riding ring which we utilize for our lessons as long as weather permits. In the event of inclement weather, we will typically switch to an unmounted horsemanship lesson or reschedule as needed. We believe that horsemanship and ground work is just as important as riding, and find that when the weather does not cooperate it is usually a great time to take a step back and check in on our other horsemanship skills.

I don’t want a lesson in the rain – can I cancel?

For haul in and travel lessons, we understand that horsemanship may not be something you’re interested in switching to, so we will offer to just reschedule in those cases to a time that would suit you.