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Time with horses can be therapeutic, so we wanted to offer something different for people who have no interest in riding but would love to get to know and care for these incredible creatures. 

We are offering horsemanship lessons to all ages. Horsemanship lessons are a bit different than riding lessons, because the main focus is how to care for the horses, understand them, and just spend time with them. These lessons are ground based aka unmounted. Our horsemanship lessons will go over basic grooming care, blanketing, fly care, as well as feeding and cleaning type care for them. We’ll teach you to understand their body language, feelings, and social cues. These lessons are meant to be fun, no pressure experiences for all ages. 

45 Minute Private Lesson – $80

Private lesson with one of our horses lasting 45 minutes where we will go over basic grooming care, how to read the horse’s body language, and how to interact with them. The lesson will start with us catching the horse, bringing it into the barn, and cleaning it up. Lesson may also include taking the horse to the arena and leading it around. You’ll learn how to handle and communicate with the horse from the ground. Lesson will end with rewarding the horse (with treats) and returning it to its stall or paddock. We may cover other things in our lessons including how to care for them (feeding, stall cleaning, wound care, etc) if the participant is interested in those items.

45 Minute Group Lesson – $50 per participant

A group lesson will function the same as our private lesson, but there can be more than one participant. Group lessons would work best for a family who wishes to bring more than one child, but doesn’t want to spend hours at the barn or for a pair (or more) of friends who would like to share a horsemanship lesson and work together with the horses. We can do up to four participants in a group lesson. The cost is $50 per participant.

We will book on a weekly, biweekly, monthly, or even an as needed basis. All lessons are by appointment only and would be fit into our regular riding lesson schedule. Please reach out for more information. We recommend participants in these lessons be at least 8 years of age or older. 

For those interested in our upcoming EAGALA model Equine Assisted Psychotherapy program please reach out to join our contact list. 

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